Episode 7: She Believed She Could, So She Did

Chantelle BaxterSierra Leone. A former UK colony in West Africa ravaged by civil war. A place where a girl is more likely to be sexually assaulted than she is to go to high school. Let that sink in for a second…

A trip to Sierra Leone changed Chantelle Baxter‘s life. She came back to Australia looking for some volunteer work. And since no charity organisation would employ her she started her own. She was 23. That charity is OneGirl and their mission is to educate girls because little girls with dreams become women with vision.

In today’s episode I’m talking to Chantelle about her life-changing trip, her journey with OneGirl from their humble beginnings selling chocolate bars to raising millions of dollars, and about her plans for the future.

I am truly inspired by Chantelle. I hope she’ll inspire you, too.

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Intro: Don’t Hold Back (Grow and Soar) by KOÄN
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