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Day 3 – First Dose of Reality

Hi, it’s day three of the journey.

So yesterday I was talking about different and more affordable options to build the project and I talked about getting a transportable building.

Well, that option is dead right now. It’s not really a viable option.

Based on the cost of the transportable home I roughly worked out how much it would cost to build the whole retreat.

It also gave me a good idea of what kind of retreat I want to build and how many buildings and cabins to put on the land, etc.

So right now I’m thinking of putting a four-bedroom, two-story home if possible, and that will be used as the main reception and also as a gathering place.

Then I’m thinking of putting two separate one or two bedroom cabins to be used by the teachers and caretakers.

Plus fifteen or twenty individual one-room cabin for people to come and stay with us.

So basically according to what I wanted to do it would cost roughly,around 1.2 million dollars to build. Right now I don’t have 1.2 million dollars.

So, how am I going to make this happen?

I absolutely have no idea.

So put the money aside, I’m pretty sure somehow the universe is gonna bring the people or the money to me. For some reason I know it’s gonna happen. So that part I’m not too worried about.

With that said I will keep on looking and searching for better and more affordable ways to build the retreat so stay tuned and I will keep you up to date tomorrow.

See ya

Day 2 – Shopping Around for Building Options

Even though I planned to buy a second-hand home and move it to the land, I still need to get the local approval to place the house on it. And the following process still has to be followed:
1. Drawings for the house
2. Engineer’s Structural report
3. Energy efficiency report
4. Need to lodge the documents to the council.

I tried to get the estimated cost for the removable home and was told it was impossible to get the estimated total cost up front but there is a rule of thumb that can be applied to give me a guide as to what to expect. The home mover recommends adding 50% of the delivered and re-stumped price on top to arrive at a reasonable allowance for completion of a house of average condition and quality.

Eg. This house is priced at $160,000 delivered and re-stumped included, add 50 to 70% (i.e. $80,000) to arrive at $240,000 as the total estimated cost including the house, delivery, and completion ready to move in. It really depends on the condition of the house this house alone could possibly cost well over $300k to complete.

Sorry old girl you cost too much. I’ll look for a better alternative.

Day 1 – Journey to the Unknown

Hi all,

Before I begin I’d like to start with a quote from Lao Zi: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

So this post is my very first step towards a journey I’m just about to embark on. I know it’s going to be epic and extremely challenging and I don’t know where it is going to take me but I know it’s gonna be awesome!

So today I’m shooting this video because I want to put it on tape and also I want to take all of you on this amazing adventure with me.

So what is it all about? A while back I posted on Facebook that I wanted to build a not-for-profit self-awareness retreat in Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. It’s about five and a half hours drive from Adelaide Airport.

Now I posted that a while back, but I didn’t really know how to start the journey and so today I decided it doesn’t really matter. Instead of sitting around waiting for something to fall on my lap, I’m gonna just start it anyway.

I have no idea where this is going to take me but stay tuned and find out.

I will shoot another video tomorrow and I will show you the whole process.

Bye for now.