Day 2 – Shopping Around for Building Options

Even though I planned to buy a second-hand home and move it to the land, I still need to get the local approval to place the house on it. And the following process still has to be followed:
1. Drawings for the house
2. Engineer’s Structural report
3. Energy efficiency report
4. Need to lodge the documents to the council.

I tried to get the estimated cost for the removable home and was told it was impossible to get the estimated total cost up front but there is a rule of thumb that can be applied to give me a guide as to what to expect. The home mover recommends adding 50% of the delivered and re-stumped price on top to arrive at a reasonable allowance for completion of a house of average condition and quality.

Eg. This house is priced at $160,000 delivered and re-stumped included, add 50 to 70% (i.e. $80,000) to arrive at $240,000 as the total estimated cost including the house, delivery, and completion ready to move in. It really depends on the condition of the house this house alone could possibly cost well over $300k to complete.

Sorry old girl you cost too much. I’ll look for a better alternative.

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