Day 3 – First Dose of Reality

Hi, it’s day three of the journey.

So yesterday I was talking about different and more affordable options to build the project and I talked about getting a transportable building.

Well, that option is dead right now. It’s not really a viable option.

Based on the cost of the transportable home I roughly worked out how much it would cost to build the whole retreat.

It also gave me a good idea of what kind of retreat I want to build and how many buildings and cabins to put on the land, etc.

So right now I’m thinking of putting a four-bedroom, two-story home if possible, and that will be used as the main reception and also as a gathering place.

Then I’m thinking of putting two separate one or two bedroom cabins to be used by the teachers and caretakers.

Plus fifteen or twenty individual one-room cabin for people to come and stay with us.

So basically according to what I wanted to do it would cost roughly,around 1.2 million dollars to build. Right now I don’t have 1.2 million dollars.

So, how am I going to make this happen?

I absolutely have no idea.

So put the money aside, I’m pretty sure somehow the universe is gonna bring the people or the money to me. For some reason I know it’s gonna happen. So that part I’m not too worried about.

With that said I will keep on looking and searching for better and more affordable ways to build the retreat so stay tuned and I will keep you up to date tomorrow.

See ya

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