Episode 12: What is Your Excuse?

Raffi Shirinian“Life is going to be hard but you can get through it. It’s going to be hard not all the time but once in a while. But you know what, at the end of the day life is you, your own person. And don’t be so down about it. Just keep your spirit up.”

This is the message my friend Raffi Shirinian has for us today.

He was born with a serious birth defect called spina bifida which leaves him wheel chair bound, disabled and having speech and learning difficulties. And yet he refuses to allow his circumstance to define him. He’s one of the most active, upbeat and positive being I have ever known. Whenever I’m feeling down I turn to him for inspiration.

I asked Raffi what was the greatest challenge he was facing. To my surprise, given his circumstances, he said winter. Why winter? Listen to our conversation to find out :)

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Intro: Don’t Hold Back (Grow and Soar) by KOÄN
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