Episode 17: Defying the Odds

Eric Bailey“When you can put other people’s aspirations and goals a little bit higher on the priority list, then you allow yourself to give more of yourself. And when you can give more of yourself, it’s just a good feeling,” Eric Bailey

Eric was born with a bone disease in his knees. The doctors told him that he would never be able to play sports and would never be normal like other kids. His biological parents didn’t want to take on the responsibility to raise him so they gave him up for adoption. Yet, he defied the odds and became an elite basketball player and NBL legend.

Eric grew up in poverty, in a rough neighbourhood in South Central Los Angeles. His young life was surrounded by crime, drugs and struggle. Today he is a successful entrepreneur, a renown inspirational speaker and world class coach. He was voted as the Top 22 Motivational Speaker in the world.

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