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Episode 6: You Won’t Die of a Broken Heart

Megan BaylissMarried young. Divorced. Married again. Abandoned. Bankrupt. And that’s just the beginning…

Megan’s story is about survival, resilience and a wonderful human spirit.

She has a heart of gold. She had gone through 2 broken marriages. She raised six children on her own. She was left with a huge debt and went through bankruptcy. She quit her job and literally turned rubbish into great treasures. She now helps and feeds hundreds of underprivileged people in PNG by teaching them how to weave purses, handbags, bracelets out of rubbish.

She’s truly an amazing woman and I am glad to have her as a friend. You can connect with her on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/junk4u2day

Music Credits
Intro: Don’t Hold Back (Grow and Soar) by KOÄN
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